I am Michael Heltzer, a designer and dog guy. Henry Dog Design (HDD) is the natural progression of my life’s passions; uniting what I consider my two areas of expertise. In my late 20’s, I left a law career to follow my love for design. I worked creating and manufacturing award-winning furniture that garnered international acclaim. After selling my furniture business, I opened Stay Dog Hotel to develop a venue dedicated to the care of dogs including boarding, grooming, veterinary service, training, and rehabilitation. The HDD line embodies my experience and love of design and dogs. It consists of beautifully crafted products that last for generations while graciously enhancing the relationship between people and dogs.  

Henry Dog Design emerged as the next chapter in the story of a clever dog, a designer in search of beauty in everyday objects, a loyal group of over 100 professionals working to create a state-of-the-art dog care facility, and dog owners everywhere.